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Driver's Education
30-Hour Class


The course consists of at least 30 hours of online instruction and includes information about alcohol and drug abuse, aggressive driving, distracted driving, motorcycle awareness, organ and tissue donor awareness, pedestrian and bicycle safety, handicapped parking, fuel efficient driving practices, and traffic stops as required by Virginia law.

You will receive your Certificate of Completion after you have passed your final exam, which you must take in-person at one our testing locations. You will be permitted to take the final exam after we have checked your identification and verified that you have completed the 13 sessions online. When you pass the exam, you can continue with the behind-the-wheel portion of the course or our instructor will issue your certificate to you if you are only completing the online class. If you fail the examination, you will be allowed to review any session of the completed course to prepare to take the examination again.  

Prior to registering for the course, verify that our school is in your service area by completing the student inquiry.

Combine and Save! Both Teen Behind-The-Wheel and our 30hr Online Class for $519!*

**Must first complete the student inquiry. Discount will only apply in one transaction when purchased using the provided emailed link upon approval.

Driver Improvement
Clinic (DIC)

You may be taking this Driver Improvement Clinic online for several reasons:

  • You may need to take it to satisfy a court order.

  • The DMV requires you to attend a clinic. You must complete the entire eight hour course within 90 days. If you fail to complete the clinic by the DMV deadline, your driving privilege will be suspended until you meet this requirement.

  • Your license has been revoked and you are required to complete the course as part of your reinstatement process.

  • You may also volunteer to take this course, if you have a Virginia driver's license, to receive up to 5 safe driving points on your driving record. Students who satisfactorily complete this 8-hour course can now also get insurance premium reductions. Individuals should contact their insurance companies to advise as to whether or not they offer this discount for their insures.

Please complete a student inquiry prior to purchase.

Driver's Manual Course
18 & Above Only

You are required to take this online course if you have failed the learner's permit or renewal test three times, and you are now required by the DMV to take this 8-hour course to be eligible to retake the test. The Virginia DMV has reviewed and Licensed this online course - and all ages are eligible. However, please be aware of the following:

  • If you are age 18 OR OLDER - You must either take the classroom component of driver education (consisting of 36 fifty-minute classroom sessions) or complete an 8-Hour Driver's Manual course in the classroom or online.

Please complete a student inquiry prior to purchase.

Driver's Manual Course
17 & Under Only

If you are UNDER AGE 18 - Before enrolling into the Driver's Manual course, you must provide proof of having completed the classroom component of driver education (36 fifty-minute classroom sessions or a 30-hour online course). If you wish to take this online 8-hour Driver's Manual Course, please complete the student inquiry in the tab above and provide your proof of completion of your classroom driver's education course (DTS 36 or DEC-1).

Please complete a student inquiry prior to purchase.

* Includes online processing fees

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