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60 Minute Private Lesson

This is a great starting place for a student to obtain their Learner's Permit.


We first work to help move the student from basic parking lot maneuvers to safely handling the roadway. 


Then, we assist with the DMV required driving hours to obtain a Learner’s Permit.

This package is also designed to focus on specific skills where improvements may be needed or just a general refreshing of skills.

Teen Behind-The-Wheel

All 'teen' drivers must take a DMV accredited training course. We offer after school sessions and can accommodate most pickup and drop-off requests.

This specific course consists of 7 - 50 minute sessions including a combination of observation and driving. 

After successful completion, students will be issued a temporary driver’s license.

We offer convenient times and can accomodate most pickup/dropoff requests. 

Combine and Save! Both Teen Behind-The-Wheel and our 30hr Online Class for $519!**

**Must first complete the student inquiry. Discount will only apply in one transaction when purchased using the provided emailed link upon approval.

All students must have completed the following before booking:

  • VA approved driver-education program and

  • Have a valid learner’s permit for 9 months and

  • 45 hours of driving as required by the DMV. 

Adult Behind-The-Wheel/Adult Waiver

Adult Students are aged 18+ years can take this course to obtain a driver’s license. 

This DMV accredited course consists of 7 - 50 minute sessions including a combination of observation and driving AND the required road test. 

After successful completion of this course, the adult-student will be issued a Certificate of Waiver, which can be provided to the DMV to obtain a license.


Waiving the 60-day waiting period and the required road test at the DMV.

All Adult-Students must have completed a VA approved driver education classroom program. 

* Includes online processing fees

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